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ATNI was established in 1953 by Tribal leaders and represents over 50 Tribes throughout a seven state region, which includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Nevada, and Northern California. The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was formed in response to the need for economic self-sufficiency within tribal communities. Program services created and operated within the EDC were established at the request of the ATNI member Tribes.
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ATNI-EDC Program Services

Technology Program

ATNI-EDC supports access to information and communications technology to strengthen tribal economic development, healthcare services, environmental resources management, and educational programs.   
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Tribal Tourism Program

ATNI-EDC is working in cooperation with tribes, state and government agencies to support the development of culturally appropriate tribal tourism. In 2004, the Inaugural issue of A Travel Guide to Indian Country: Washington State Edition  was released and distributed throughout the world. The publication was recognized by then-governor Gary Locke, who presented ATNI-EDC with the governor's award. Since that time, ATNI-EDC has introduced the Oregon Edition - released in the spring of 2005.

Updated versions of both of these guides for 2007 are being worked on.
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Tribal Energy Program

Our membership is acutely interested in local, regional and national energy matters with many tribes actively involved in energy-related projects and the hydroelectric issues of the Pacific Northwest.  
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A Travel Guide to Indian Country: Washington Edition 2005

Winner of the 2004

Governor's Award


A Travel Guide to Indian Country: Oregon Edition 2005


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